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FanFiction: My SHINee World


Five girls are given a chance to become famous dancers and pop stars after being discovered by the world famous boy group SHINee. But will they accept this once in a lifetime oppertunity, and what troubles will they face?
This is a story-line that I had a dream of, and it was pretty good, so I just might write it out as a story. Bear with me please.
SHINee 세계



Kim Jonghyun

A very kind, caring type of person, with a childish attitude, but don't let that fool you. He, like most people, has an extremely dark side and isn't afraid to show it.
Lee Jinki (Onew)

Extremely kind, but sadly very confussed and clumsy. He never understands what is going on, but doesn't seem to care, due to his carefree attitude.
Kim Kibum (Key)

Key is a diva inside and out. He will do anything to get his way, and has an extremely girly attitude. He loves fashion, looks, but is also very motherly and always has a ready shoulder to lean on.
Lee Taemin

The youngest of the group, and is idolised for his adorable face and girly, childish features, and though that's what fans see on the outside, he secretly wants to be seen as a man, and be tough.
Choi Minho

Minho is a very athletic person, his long limbs considered a gift. He just loves life, and intends to keep on making the most of it.


Georgia (G.O)

A very excitable girl who is very loud yet shy at the same time. She always lets people know what's on her mind, whether they ask or not. A lot of what she does relies on her friends guidence.
Gianna (Nia)

Nia is positive and likes to look out for her friends. She is always willing to listen to anything, from depressing problems to extreme fan-girl moments.
Sylvia (Sylva)

A reliable person with a calm and kind attitude. She will always give an honest oppinion and will often step back to let someone else take the leed. She is always giggling at the slightest of things.
Liana (Lee)

A very inteligent person, who always stays calm and composed. Well, almost. Lee, of course, has a wild side. And she is not afraid to show it, espessialy after having a little too much sugar... Lee loves her music, and plays piano and sings.
Siobhan (Seb)

A kind, innocent looking person, who can easily have you hooked around her little finger. But she has an evil side, and is willing to use it.


Yu He Yi

The leader of her leader girl club, and always gets what she wants, no matter what's in her way. A very seductive person who can own anybody she wants.

Ae Sook

Yu He Yi's younger twin sister. She has exactly the same personality as her sister, only she isn't as fierce. She is willing to admit defeat if she definately can't get what she wants.


A small, quiet girl, who follows exactly what yu he yi tells her to do, no matter what. But she knows that what Yu He Yi does is wrong, and is yet to find an oppertunity to break away from the group.

One of Yu He Yi and Ae Sook's mindless 'slaves'. She will always follow and copy what they do, and badly wants to get to the top of the group to earn her peers respect.

Evelle is very smart, and is not always seen with the gang. She often finds something to correct people on, and likes to sleep. A lot. She is always found in a quiet corner or room enjoying her time.


"Tell your friends to wait in their seats at the end of the performance. You too." He whispered in her ear.
"Ooooh, that sounds suspicious." G.O smiled.
"Don't get any strange ideas kid."

© 2012 Ninjin all rights reserved.
I do not own these characters or their personalities. It is all my own imagination.
If anything looks familiar in this story, it is pure coincidence, considering 1/3 of the characters are actually 
real people. I hope I don't sound harsh! <3

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